Too busy with real work to worry about promoting your brand on social media? Maybe you just feel lost in that world of “young whippersnappers”?

If you can’t justify hiring a social media manager for $40k, and you’ve already tried letting your 15-year-old niece handle it, perhaps it might be time to look at a better approach.

NB Web Media provides a full service social media bundle: for $400 per month, we handle everything. What’s included?

  • 20 hours of expert time, developing and posting content, managing user engagement, and refining your campaigns to drive business results.
  • We manage your accounts and presence across the most popular platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  • We can manage your customer service outreach, marketing, events, peer networking, whatever it isĀ you need most from social media.

We value solid partnerships. Sign on for six months, and we’ll contribute $100 into your first month’s advertising budget. Join us for twelve months, and we’ll make that $200.